"Born in 1980 in Paris, I made literary studies. In 2006, I find my vocation and become professor of History and Geography in a small rural college of the Lot-et-Garonne.

Daughter of a father and sister of a brother originators in graphic design, of a mother ceramist of art, I grew in a creative universe which nourished and fertilized my imaginary.
At 16 years old, I make my first work shop in the laboratories of Pictorial Services in Montparnasse where I improve my training of pulling baryta. At 18 years old, my meeting with Guy Mandery makes me take a major turning ?: I give up my project to become professional photograph and enters in literary preparatory classes on his councils ?: “The trade of photographer is not learned in a school but the camera under the arm” entrusts to me it. During my six years of studies, I do very few images but without never losing this desire screwed with the body to make some…

In 2005, I take down my contest and my parents offer my first numerical case symbolically to me relegating to the oubliettes my Canon old camera. One year later, I hang my first exhibition. It is the beginning of a total and absolute passion, which matured in me in the shade of my years teenagers and was strengthened in the light of my life of woman, that I divide today with an artist photographer and printer of professional art.