My struggle against erotic in the art.

If you think that images of naked body always is erotic - you have a mistake.
If you think that photography is art you mistaken too. This is only tool for lazy or bumbling artists
it is my first nudes

It is very difficult problem - nudity in the photo. There are big difference between fine art nude and erotic art. To my mind erotic photo is not art at all. Erotic is expiration of human sexuality but the art is the expiration of the human soul. Pure art this manifestation of spiritual essence of person, but "applied" arts this expression of aesthetic needs of his activity. If pure art is for expression, "applied" art for decoration. Erotic photography is an applied type of creature. Exactly in the same way either as a journalism a portrait and all kinds of advertising  and press photography. Pure photography no more than game of light and shades. All that is more is abroad of the pure art. Pure photography nearly impossible. Nudity without sexuality is possible either sexuality without nudity. To my opinion art must be free of any reasons- sexual professional or political. There are not reason for art except freedom. Beauty is not reason too.
At least photography is only piece of paper. And sex is not more than movement of body and erotica and  love is the dreams of this movement. At least all important in our life is not more than myths... At least nothing is important. Except freedom...